Keep the Rodents Out Of Your RV

Let’s face it, no one wants rodents invading their living spaces, that includes your RVs, Houston. “Mice and Rats can get into my RV”? Yes. Mice and Rats can get into just about anywhere they want to, especially if there is food. This time of year is particularly bad. As the temperatures begin to cool, animals are going to be looking for warm shelter with a food supply. Wouldn’t you, after all?

Here’s the problem. Rodents can cause severe damage to just about everything. They’ll chew through wires, gnaw on wood, and leave their feces and urine everywhere (which can cause respiratory issues, by the way).

So , how do you keep unwanted RV guest out of your RV? Here are a few hints. Remember though, nothing is going to help more than looking over your entire RV for possible points of entry. If they can put their head in it, the can probably squeeze their whole body in.


If you do have a problem, you may need to get a local critter catcher to give them an eviction notice if you can’t clear it up with food source  deprivation and traps. If you have any suggestions for PPL Motorhomes that can keep our customer’s consignment RVs rodent free, leave us a comment.

Remembering President’s Day

It’s President’s Day, and all of you that read my blog know that I’m going to get patriotic. If you are here specifically for that, thank you. If you are here because you are looking for the perfect consignment RV for a President’s Day barbecue, well, you are getting warmer try here.

With today being President’s Day, I think I want to write about an experience I had while watching a movie recently: That movie was Lincoln. This isn’t a movie review, or a political rant. It is how I feel about the position of The President Of The United States Of America. I realized that it takes a person of tremendous will power and resolve. It takes someone who is willing to sacrifice their family to serve a people. It takes vision and an unwavering allegiance to the people you lead. It take courage to lead. It takes humility. It takes both empathy and sympathy. It takes sternness and it takes compassion. These are qualities inherent in anyone brave enough to take on the responsibility of leading and entire people. It is something that every American President has had and will have.

When I celebrate President’s Day, I celebrate the strength and power of an entire nation. It is the people that shape the history of our country. It is the responsibility of our elected officials to speak for the majority of the people they represent. If they don’t do their job, the people vote them out. Be it to the benefit of our nation, or to the detriment of it, this is the system and it’s the best one in the world. It takes a different person to run a country and not rule one.

Happy President’s Day…a day who’s festivities shouldn’t detract for the honor of office.