RVing Tip : Let Me See Your Papers

RVing Tip: Let Me See Your Papers

What documents do you need to take with you when you travel? That’s a pretty good question with “not-so-obvious” answers.  Of course, you will have your standard drivers license, insurance and registration, but you need so much more.  In fact, some of these items you may not even know you need. 

Now, I am mix of a little old school and a little techie so, with both of these traits in mind, I have come up with a solution that works for me.  I actually have made hard copies of all the important items listed below and have also scanned them.  I have a zip lock bag in the RV with this information. But, I also have three memory sticks with this same information: one in the RV in that zip lock bag, one in my purse, or in my make up bag and the other I have left with my daughter.  And “Yes”, it is that important. If something happened, I have several ways to get this information. 

Here are a few items you should consider having with you and I’m sure this list will help you think of other things, too.

  • Copy of your insurance declaration pages for home, auto, life, etc.
  • Copy of your driver’s license and passport in case your is lost. (Yes, both.)
  • Complete list of emergency contacts including their phone numbers, email addresses, snail mail addresses and relationship.
  • Information about doctors, special health issues and medications.
  • If you travel with a pet, make sure you have information about the pet, vaccination records, vet information and special needs.  I have also heard of RVers who made sure they kept a card on the refrigerator in their RV with the pets name and information.  If something happens to them they want a first responder to know about their 4 legged friend, too.
  • Directives.  If you have a medical directive, please make sure it is with you along with a copy of your will or power of attorneys.

This list can go on and on.  Next time you have a rainy afternoon at home and have nothing special to do, take time to put this together and be prepared.