RVing In Texas During The Winter

I see you winter Texans trickling down from the Great White North, and I would like to be the first say, “Howdy, and bienvenidos a Tejas!”

As y’all can probably tell, the further south in the state you go for the winter, the milder it should be, but one of the joys of living here in God’s Country is that the weather changes more than it stays the same! But, to paraphrase Horace Greeley, “Head south young man!” and y’all ought to be just fine for the short winter months, because Texas has 4 seasons: Almost Summer, Summer, Still Summer, and Road Construction.

South of I-10 there are some great winter RV parks, like Hillshade RV Park in Gonzales, TX. They have all the amenities on-site plus laundry facilities, free WIFI, AND they’re only a half hour or so from the Spoetzal Brewery in Shiner, TX. Hillshade is also built in an easy to use U shape so pull-in and pull-out is no problem. They’re located east of Gonzales, TX on alt 90 right by Lake Gonzales.

If you prefer to be closer to the coast, maybe check out On The Beach RV Park in Port Aransas, TX. They have the usual water, sewer, electrical, phone, and cable hookups as well as being just west of town and right on the beach. There are fishing, boating, and all the water borne activities to be indulged in while your less fortunate family members and neighbors are out shoveling their driveways and scraping ice off of, well, everything.

Texas literally has something for everyone and these are only two of many awesome Texas RV parks and destinations for you snowbirds to come and experience this winter. Not to take anything away from other Summer RV destinations, but I’m betting Texas’ Almost Summer, Summer, and Still Summer seasons might convince you to take a few months to enjoy what the northern climates don’t have to offer…warmth, sun and fun!  And remember, before you hit the road, hit our website for all your RV parts and accessories!