Packing and unpacking for a trip



When you pack the RV for the weekend, week or longer, make sure perishable items are stored in one cabinet. It’s so easy to stash grocery items in every nook and cranny of the RV. Keeping them all together in one cabinet makes it so much easier. I even use one disposable bag for all the miscellaneous chips, crackers, etc. This makes it so much cleaner and neater while I’m camping and I don’t have to remember where I put something. It’s also easier to unload when I get home.

Last weekend when I was packing for the TACO convention, I kept smelling something that smelled funny, not bad, just different. I discovered a loaf of bread in the back of an upper cabinet …from New Year’s weekend. Preservatives in food must be pretty good because it had no mold. It is now in the trash.

Moral of this story, if you store all of your perishable items in one place it makes it easier to remember to unload them.

  • Make a list
  • Try to not overpack.
  • How many days will you be gone? What activities are you doing? Prepare for a change in weather.
  • Plan or tentatively plan your meals.
  • I use the plastic grocery bags to load everything into the RV
    • Food in one
    • Snacks in one
    • Perishable items (fruit, bread, tortillas, chips, cookies, muffins) I even keep them all together in one cabinet so I don’t forget to unpack them.
    • Toiletries/Medicines -Again I have one hanging carry bag that holds all of this compactly and can hang it on a hook in the bathroom
    • Use those collapsible storage boxes to store can goods, dishes, plasticware, etc in the upper cabinets.
    • Use ziplock bags for all small items.
    • When you get ready to unpack the perishable bag is ready to take back into the house
    • Unload your refrigerator into another bag and you won’t have surprises a few weeks later
    • Check the freezer!!

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