Propane Tank Monitoring

Man, I’m a problem solver these days! In the last blog we talked about an automated tire pressure and condition monitoring system, and today we’re going to talk about a propane tank monitoring system that will help prevent accidental propane leakage. How many times have you gone out to the travel trailer, maybe to start the spring cleaning and the “getting it ready for the road” chores, and your propane system is bone dry. How many times have you checked the tank valve and it was accidentally left on and a slow leak drained the system? How many times have you just wondered to yourself how much propane was left in the lp tanks, and did you need to go get them refilled? Well, we have a way to answer all those questions!


Mopeka offers a Propane Tank Check that is super accurate. The way they achieve this accuracy is based on sonar technology. Simply put, you attach a magnetized sensor to the bottom of the tank and it beams updated tank quantity levels via bluetooth to a display you can mount inside the RV. Another option for receiving this data is to download their app and the lp tank quantity is right there on your smart phone or mobile device. Who would have thought even just a couple years ago that we could be so James Bond with our RVs?

The simplicity of this system is incredible. All you have to do is slip the sensor under the tank during your next refill, or just tip the tank over and attach it. Even the laziest members of our families can do it!! Best part is, this system can monitor two tanks, and the display will indicate separate levels for either the left or the right lp tanks. A video explaining the operation of the system further can be viewed right HERE, and if you’re interested in this product we have them available on our website right HERE.


  1. Richard Rogers

    I just purchased 2 of the Tank monitors. Initial sync with iPhone worked for 2 tanks. That was 7 days ago . Now the units will not sync with the iPhone. Data on phone app from Mopeka units is 7 days old. So I deleted the info and re-synced. Waiting to see if they will actually work.
    How do you change batteries on the units. One is already at 88% battery life???
    Looking forward to your reply.
    thank you

    1. admin (Post author)


      I apologize for the wait…sometimes reader’s comments get lost in large amounts of SPAM I receive. As for your question, I will get with the manufacture and get a response for you ASAP.

    2. admin (Post author)

      Here is from the manufacture:

      Please let us know if the reloading of the sensors works for you or not.
      As with any product, we want to make sure the system is working as it

      The batteries are easy to change. There are 4 tabs on the case that snap
      together, simply use a small screw driver to separate each of them and
      pull the case apart.
      Inside the battery is easily accessed and can be changed. Simply snap the
      covers back together after removing and replacing the battery.

      Please let me know if there are any other issue we can assist on.

      1. admin (Post author)

        One of our people will be reaching out to you about this.

  2. Meagan

    This is a really neat tool. The technology these days is amazing. I can’t wait to try this device!

  3. David Pease

    Hi. My tanks are open to the road at the bottom. How strong are the magnets? Would I need to worry about losing a sensor when I hit the inevitable bump (or washboard road)?

  4. David Pease

    Ping! I left a question a month ago that I’d appreciate your comments on.

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