The Valentine’s Day I’ll Never Forget

Diana Leblanc : The Lonely Sweetheart

Diana Leblanc : The Lonely Sweetheart

Everybody knows that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. For some reason, it is the one holiday that seems to get people very worried and stressed. I don’t know if it’s because we worry that we may not be doing the right thing for that special love of our life, or if we stress about over doing it or not doing enough, but I’m not sure any of that really matters, honestly. What does matter is that you’re sharing this day with a sweetheart or friend, a child or parent, a neighbor or a sibling; take time to tell the people around you that you love how special they are.

I started thinking back over my many Valentine’s Days and I can tell you that the best memories were not of times spent waiting in line at a restaurant.  I will say that most have included candlelight or firelight and, of course, some type of chocolate. After all, that’s part of the protocol of the day. I also recall having so much fun making Valentine heart cut outs and decorations with the kids. I even made a heart shaped meatloaf once (hey, that’s what happens when times are too tight to buy steak!). All of these were fun.

But I’m going to have to sat that my most memorable Valentine’s Day was in 2014. It had been a cold winter and nothing in the yard was blooming. This was the first Valentine’s Day since my husband passed away and it was weighing on my mind. As I walked out of the house that morning something made me look over at the fence where one lonely sweetheart rose was blooming on a big bush. That probably doesn’t seem like anything special to most people, but that particular rosebush had been given to me on Valentine’s of 2007 by my late husband and, of course, I felt like it was the greatest gift ever. This bloom brought a smile  to my face and a tear to my eye as I looked up to the sky and said “Happy Valentine’s Day Honey.”

Now, a couple years later I started thinking about the perfect way to celebrate a romantic Valentine’s Day. You guys will be surprised at what I came up with. Everybody knows that I love the RV life and that I love being outdoors and, of course, I love a nice glass of wine. Take those things and put them together and add to that mix some soft music, stars in the sky, and a campground overlooking a lake or moonlit meadow… now that’s what I call the perfect RV Valentine’s Day. Just think, you could throw dinner on the grill, kick back, relax, and just get lost in laughter and conversation with the ones you love.

So whatever you come up with for your Valentine’s Day, just keep in mind that if it makes you feel good and you get to share time with that special someone, then you did it right.

Okay, I guess I need to get back to reality because that dream is not how I will be spending my Valentine’s Day. I will be enjoying my RV friends at the Houston RV Show at NRG. PPL will, once again, participate in this show where I get to share the RV lifestyle with many new RVers. So, if you haven’t made plans yet, come on out and see me.

Cheers and Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you.

-RV Nana


  1. Kim Corbello

    Happy tears. Love you

    1. admin (Post author)

      Thank you, Kim. Happy tears is a good way to describe it. Love you too.

  2. Jeff 'n Karen

    Maybe writing mystery novels is in store in your post PPL life!! Such a beautiful story of romance and remembrance along with the perfect Valentines day celebration! And then…BOOM the reality of the responsibility of running a business and enjoying a special occasion appear at the end of this wonderful story. An ending I didn’t see coming!
    Knowing you, you still found a way to make this Valentines day special for you and your family and I know “you did it right”.
    A special thank-you for the opportunity to be part of RV Nana’s life and PPL Motorhomes.

    1. admin (Post author)

      Thank you, Karen! That really made me feel great. I’ve been really inspired lately and your wonderful comment is a part of that inspiration.

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