PPL Motorhomes: Prevent Tire Failure On Your Consignment RV

There is no doubt that the health of your RV’s tires is often over looked. In fact, your consignment RV canter, PPL Motorhomes suggests that you should inspect your tires at least monthly and before each trip for proper inflation pressure and treadwear and you shouldn’t forget to rotate, balance and align them.

Really, the first aspect of having a healthy set of RV tires is to keep them properly inflated at all times. This is really a no-brainer. An RV sitting on under-inflated tires is putting an enormous amount of pressure on the sidewalls of the tire. This can cause a structural weakness that can lead to sidewall pinches, tread separation, or a catastrophic failure. Maintaining proper tire pressure all year long will really prolong the life of your tires. Be careful not to over-inflate them. Follow the suggestions in your owner’s manual for the right PSI you should be holding.

Also, don’t over burden your tires by stressing them with too much weight. Having a large RV, it’s easy to start cramming tons of stuff in the open spaces. Weigh adds up, even from relatively small pieces you can quickly add hundreds of pounds to your overall weight with thinking about it. Putting too much of a weight burden on your tires will lead to failure. Make sure you check your owner’s manual for the proper towing/driving weight of your consignment motorhome, travel trailer or fifth-wheel.

When you aren’t using your RV, you should invest in a set of RV tire covers. Nothing eats away at a tire’s life more than the elements. UV will break down the rubber over time, so your best way to avoid this is to simple cover your tires with one of the many types of RV tire covers that are on the market right now. Every little bit of effort will be rewarded in the extended lifespan of your RV tires.

Remember, you have a lot riding on those tires, they are the only things separating you from the road and should always be on the top of your mind whether you are using your RV, or not. If you have any questions, comments or other tips, or hints on keeping your RV Tires in good condition, don’t hesitate to let PPL Motorhomes and the readers of RV Nana know.