PPL Motohomes: Winegard Rayzar Antenna

We are now carrying a neat new item our consignment RV center, PPL Motorhomes, that is great for every RVer who simply does not want the expense or hassle of a satellite. It’s a new antenna from Winegard that is perfect for those who just want a few local channels when they are camping (instead of 350 channels).  It’s great for checking on the news, or catching a show or two and still have plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors and your own RV lifestyle! Our friends at Winegard have introduced a cool new product – The Rayzar.   Weighing only .34 lbs, this lightweight digital indoor HD Antenna is REALLY BIG in performance!   This antenna is used to receive all the best local broadcast programming in crisp, clear HD, with no monthly programming fees.  Simply take it out of the box, hang it to a window (suction cups are provided), or lay it on a table and you are watching HD TV in minutes.  The translucent design allows light to pass through when placed in a window.  A 15′ mini coax cable is provided to give customers the best mounting position.  Great for RV’s, camping or tailgating.


The Rayzar is a great fit for the mobile lifestyle, the quick release suction cup clips make it easy to reposition the antenna at each location for maximum reception,” said Aaron Engberg, director of mobile products for Winegard Company. “Consumers will be amazed at the almost Blu-ray quality picture and quantity of channels it pulls in for free wherever they are parked.

Come and check out the complete line of Winegard antennas at your consignment RV center, PPL Motorhomes.