Camping Safety With PPL Motorhomes

At your consignment used RV center, PPL Motorhomes. we know (for the most part) that camping is all fun and games, but there is still a modicum of safety that needs to be adhered to while out in the wild. Almost everything around you, can become a hazard, or cause an infection. Have you read my poison ivy blog? That stuff can ruin a fun trip!

So, what can you do to keep everyone as safe as possible,? Well, if you are at a campground, it is easier to keep an eye on the kids, but if you are camping on private property or boon-docking, you may have a bigger chore, especially with younger kids who love to run around.

Safety Tip #1: Define boundaries for your children, even if you are in a campground. If you are in a campground, younger children could get lost, get into trouble in a lake or stream or be abducted. Furthermore, most campgrounds have rules about keeping children with an adult.

If you are camping on private property in the woods, it’s easy for adults and children to get lost or get into trouble in a stream or river. Plus, depending on how far away from civilization you are, there is the threat of wild animals.

Safety Tip #2: Observe campfire safety. If you are in a campground, the staff will alert you whether fires are safe during dry seasons. If you are camping on private property, you’ll have to use your own judgment. If it’s in the middle of summer and the grass is burnt dry, you will need to be sure sparks do not ignite nearby vegetation. If it’s windy, save the campfire for another day. Make sure you keep young children away from the campfire and teach them the dangers of fire, including flying sparks.

Safety Tip #3: One of the best reasons to go camping is fishing, hunting and “playing with toys.” If you have an ATV, be sure you take all safety precautions, including wearing a helmet. Don’t let younger children drive the ATV or ride on it, especially over rough terrain. If you are hunting or fishing, be sure to bring a first aid kit and that your children know the rules of using guns and how to handle fish hooks.

There is a whole lot of common sense that goes into safety and RVing. If you think it might be dangers or not a wise idea to do something, you are probably right. I read somewhere that human beings are the only animals that actually ignore instincts. Don’t do that. If you think it’s dangerous, it probably is. Oh, and make sure you always have a first aid on hand…that’s just a no-brainer. All of us at PPL Motorhomes just want you to enjoy your trip without any mishaps.