Nana’s Recipes: Skillet Burgers!


Steven Depolo/Flickr Creative Commons

Ever notice there was a subtle change, probably back in the 1980’s, from “weather man” to “meteorologist”? Like putting “-ologist” at the end would make us think they actually knew how hot or cold it was going to be tomorrow. And besides, they don’t study meteors. The point of my little rant is this: WHERE THE HECK IS AUTUMN, Y’ALL? We’ve had no rain, a bunch of wildfires, and record setting heat this October, but in the spirit of “build it and they will come,” today I am going to tell you folks about one of my favorite fall meals in the RV: grilling a burger in a skillet!

To me these taste better than the finest dive bar/greasy spoon/bowling alley hamburgers you’ve ever eaten. Why? Because you put all that stuff in that you like! Here’s what you do:

Put a for-real, old-school, like-your-grandma-used-to-have IRON skillet on the stove and set over medium heat. Slap a pat of butter on that skillet. While the skillet heats up, grab yourself a hunk of ground sirloin and make a hamburger patty. I like to add black pepper and cumin to mine, and try to make the patty about the size of your hamburger buns. Once the butter has melted down and the skillet is up to temperature, toss the hamburger buns onto the skillet face down to toast (doesn’t take very long so keep an eye out). Once the buns are toasted, slap that patty on the skillet and let one side sear for 5-10 seconds before flipping the burger to sear the other side. Then let cook in the normal way to the level of done-ness you prefer. If you want fries with that, you probably should have started baking some Ore-Ida fries in the over about 15 minutes before you started on the hamburger. If you want potato chips with that, as luck would have it it only takes a second to open a bag! Once the patty is cooked how you like it,  place it on a plate with a paper towel on it and pat the excess grease off. This way the bun doesn’t soak it all up and get REAL messy! Add condiments, and chow down! You’re welcome! Now go take a nap!