Life in a Smaller RV

Anyone would be surprised by some of the huge over the top 5th wheels,travel trailers and RVs that are out there.  Even though, for many people these rigs just aren’t realistic for daily use.  Yet the giant class A motor homes are nicer than most homes (and the size of a small apartment) some folks would prefer something a bit smaller.  Why?  There are many reasons for the increased popularity of smaller RVs including, but not limited to:
Everyone does not have a huge truck to pull their camper along.  Now, many travel trailers and pop-ups are out there which can even be pulled by cars and minivans.  If you don’t have a vehicle capable of pulling a trailer over 7,000 pounds, and don’t want to buy a new vehicle just for this purpose, there are numerous choices of light and smaller campers on the market.  RV manufactures now have the ability to build high quality rigs out of light material.
Smaller RVs or travel trailers usually equals better gas mileage.  With the price of gas increasing, a flight to more efficient motor homes has become common.
Quality of class B and class C RVs have dramatically increased over the last few years.  Yes, they don’t have all of the amenities or the space of a Class A RV, but they are very nice.
Smaller means easier to move around in most cases.  If your main goal is to have an easier time down the highway or to fit into any spot in the woods a smaller motorhome is the way to go.
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