I guess one thing I’ve never really covered here is how to actually hook-up your RV once you get to the RV park. I think I just assumed that most of the folks who are reading this are old pros and have done their fair share of RV hookups. Of course, that’s probably not really the case. I’m sure there are quite a few newbies out there who could probably benefit from a detailed, step by step process of how to hook up your RV once you get to the park.


Now, I know that that video and the information contained in it might seem rudimentary, but remember there are new families RVing all of the time and the more families we can attract to the RV lifestyle the more the lifestyle will thrive. If you are thinking about getting an RV, I suggest looking into getting one that has been put on consignment. Your overall cost will be lower and you can actually get more RV for your money. If you are interested in checking out some consignment RVs, don’t hesitate to call PPL Motorhomes.

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