Just because I love the outdoors, doesn’t mean I spend all of my time while RVing out in them. The fact of the mater is, there is a significant amount of time spent inside the RV, so there had better be some good entertainment on-board. Namely, when I want to watch TV, I don’t want to worry about my reception. I rely on a good antenna that’s simple and easy to set up. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to the all new Winegard® Carryout® Anser™. This antenna is fantastic.

Aptly named after the star Anser, the Winegard® Carryout® Anser™ antenna is an all new, patent pending design from the Winegard. This antenna is by far, the brightest shining star of all portable satellite TV antennas. The Anser antenna is very affordable and marries the beauty of the great outdoors with the luxury of Satellite entertainment.  This design is one-of-a-kind and is hassle-free to set up.

Equipped with a larger reflector, the Anser antenna has the unique ability to receive all DISH SD and HD programming from a single satellite (72.7°), unlike other automatic antennas that must toggle between 2 or 3 DISH satellites. The Anser antenna receives all DIRECTV standard programming from satellite 101° and is also compatible with Bell TV in Canada. PPL Motorhomes

The best thing about the rugged, but lightweight Carryout Anser antenna is that there is not a lot of set up time required to start watching your favorite shows. Simply set the elevation provided by your receiver and plug it in. The antenna will then automatically find the satellite. Once it pauses on the satellite, unplug it and you can start watching TV – it’s that easy!

The design is simple and easy to use and include:

  • 2 coax inputs to allow for multiple receiver hook-up
  • A convenient carry handle
  • A security eyelet molded into the base so the antenna can be locked up
  • Includes one 25’ coax cable and a 25’ power cable that plugs into standard 12V outlet (12V power converter to 110V sold separately)
  • Stores to 15” x 21”
  • Weight 16 lbs.
  • Compatible with Carryout tripod mount (sold separately)
  • Not compatible with Carryout ladder mount
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Anyone who is interested in better satellite reception while out RVing should consider looking into a Winegard® Carryout® Anser™. It’s new, it’s a significant improvement in technology and it’s easy to use. If you have any additional questions about the reception or connections, just call or see PPL Motorhomes, we’d be happy to answer any of your questions.

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