Holiday Shopping Safety

The Holidays are a busy time of year for RV Nana. As I run from store to store and parking lot to parking lot, undoubtedly looking at my phone, my situational awareness ceases to exists. I have to remind myself to be a safe shopper and pay attention to my surroundings.

1) Try Not to Carry a Lot of Cash

2) Dress Down

3) Avoid Using ATMs

4) Don’t Shop Alone (Especially at Night)

5) Walk with Your Head High

6) Keep Your Purse Close

7) If You’re Missing a Credit Card, Notify Your Bank Immediately

8) Put Purchases in the Trunk

9) Find Your Keys Before Walking to Your Car

10) Lock Your Car Doors the Moment You Get Inside

I hope all of you have a SAFE and Merry Christmas! Oh, if you’re still looking for that last minute RV part, or accessory, just pop over to pplmotorhomes.com, we’ve got a million things to choose from.