Hints For RV Short Storage In Summer


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Thinking about short storage for your RV during the hottest Summer months? It’s no secret that when you live in Texas you have to accept the weather for better, or for worse: “worse” being Summer and “better” being Fall. For this reason, I know many a Texan who decide to store their unit during the hottest Summer months in July and August, when our heat index is akin to walking on the surface of the Sun. However, at the first hint of a cool Fall breeze, those same folks start making their plans for beautiful Texas getaways.  It’s no secret that Fall in Texas is my favorite time of year. For me, there is no better time to RV in Texas.

Now, as we are making our way through July and into August, we’re seeing quite a bit of RVs going into storage for a couple of months. But here’s the deal, folks, you don’t want to just set it and forget it. Even for a short period of time, you are still going to want to do some storage preparation.  Below you will find a few suggestions that will keep your RV in great condition and ready to hit the road with the first cold front.

  • Clean it real well before you park it for a month.  I clean mine inside and out every time I get back from a trip.  Then its ready to go again.
  • Turn off the LP tanks when it is being stored.
  • Clean the tanks and run a few gallons of water in the toilet with a Commando drop in.  They are great.  Keep it clean and fresh.
  • Leave the refrigerator open slightly.
  • Make sure you do not leave canned soft drinks or beer in the unit.  I have had them explode from the heat.  Better safe than sticky!
  • Use your battery disconnect or install one to be able to shut off the batteries completely.
  • Make sure all windows and vents are closed.
  • If stored outside, it is a great idea to have a MaxxAir vent cover over the vent so you can keep the vent cracked just a little.  Heat builds up in these RVs more than we imagine.
  • I have customers who actually have the thermal sheets up on their windows to keep the sun out and stop any type of sun fading.
  • If you don’t have them now, add mud dauber screens to the vents. While you’re away the mud daubers will play.I learned a helpful hint that really seems to work.  Put a small dab of Vicks Vapor Rub on each of the exhaust vents and even up on the gooseneck part of your fifth wheel hitch.  It looks like wasps, mud daubers, and yellow jackets hate Vicks even more than they hate WD40.
  • Keep your unit fresh.  I use fabric softener sheets tucked in around the vehicle to keep a fresh smell.

The tips and hints have worked for me time and time again, Summer after miserably hot Summer and they can work for you too. In fact, I’m sure you have a few tips of your own you can share on how you go about short storing your RV during the blazing Texas Summers. I’d love to hear your suggestions. Just write them in the comments section below. Have fun RVing and I’ll see you on the road in mid-September!

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  1. Chris

    To keep items from banging the cabinet doors of our motorhome while driving, I purchased some small, inexpensive, screens from Walmart. I load up my cabinets and place the expandable screen inside. I extend the screen and close the cabinet door. While traveling, it’s easy to slide the screen open and closed. I remove them and store in the closet when we reach out destination.

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