RV To Some Classic Movie Locations


Mike Warot/Flickr Creative Commons

Have you ever watched a movie and thought to yourself, “Man, that place is so cool! I’d love to go there!” Well, not every movie is filmed on a soundstage. Not every movie is filmed in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, or Toronto! Matter of fact there are some amazing movie locations you can actually visit, and we’re gong to visit some of them right now.

Who remembers “Field Of Dreams”? It’s the classic American baseball movie starring Kevin Costner, James Earl Jones, and Burt Lancaster in his final role. Kevin Costner plays an Iowa farmer who builds a baseball diamond in his cornfield so that the ghosts of the 1919 Chicago Black Sox can play ball. Well that baseball diamond built by the movie company and then abandoned as soon as filming wrapped is still in existence in that Iowa cornfield. The family who owned the property has kept the field in great shape and it is open for viewing/touring from April through November just outside of Dyersville Iowa on Lansing Rd. Dyersville is about 25 miles west of Dubuque on Hwy 20.

Remember how much fun “Goonies” was? It’s a Steven Spielberg film about a group of kids going after pirate treasure to try and save their neighborhood from being torn down by evil developers. Goonies was filmed in and around Astoria in far northwest Oregon. The house the main characters lived in is aptly name “The Goonies House” and ask anybody in town how to get there, and even though it was filmed 30 years ago, everyone in town knows where it is. Another nearby location is the appropriately named Cannon Beach where the iconic rocks jutting form the ocean are located and where the climax of the film was staged. To reach Cannon Beach from Astoria simply cross the bay on Hwy 101 and head south through Gearhart and Seaside until you reach Cannon Beach. Once you arrive hold up your Spanish Doubloon and see if they match the rocks on the map!

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  1. Eileen

    Can you by any chance tell me the location of the house in Robin Williams movie “RV?” It’s a large river rock covered home that was the Alpine Soda company resort lodge. Thank you.

    1. ppladmin (Post author)

      Though the story is set on the highways between Los Angeles and the Colorado Rockies, it was actually shot in and around Vancouver, British Columbia. The first major set in the film was the desert-like Nevada Campground. The actual location was an area south of Vancouver called the Richmond Sand Dunes.

      There’s some really good details about the film here: http://www.cinemareview.com/production.asp?prodid=3391

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