Where Are The Drive-In Theaters In Texas


Denise Mattox/Flickr Creative Commons

As a kid, I remember going to the drive-in. We would all pile into the car and go to the Sharpstown Theatre, or Post Oak Theatre.  Mom would bring our own snacks and we would all watch the movie on the big screen.  If it was too hot, we would put a big blanket out on the hood of the car and hang out up there while Mom and Dad sat in their chairs.

As I got a little older in my teens, I would go with my older sister and her boyfriend (my parents thought I made a good chaperone for them) and we all had so much fun.  I remember one night when we ate popcorn, dill pickles, hot dogs, candy and everything else we could find and the two of us got sick as a dog when we got home.  It probably did not teach me a lesson at the time, but I remember it all so vividly that it must have had some impact on me.

One of the craziest things was the night of my oldest brother’s wedding.  It may sound weird now, but he and his wife had an orange and black wedding on Halloween.  After the wedding, friends, family and the entire wedding party went to the Post Oak Drive in to watch the horror movie.  I don’t even recall what was showing, of course, it didn’t really matter, it was such a fun and unique night.

Whatever happened to those wonderful places of our youth? I would never have guessed back then that these theaters would disappear so quickly. But  Now it’s time to make new memories with the Drive-Ins that are making a comeback:

Operating Theatres

  • Town And Country Drive-in
    2902 Vogel Ave. Abilene, TX (915) 677-9899
  • Tascosa Drive-In
    1999 Dumas Hwy, Amarillo, TX (806)383-3882 reopened 1999
  • Fiesta Drive-In Theatre
    13800 Montana Ave El Paso, TX 79938-9676 (915) 857-0000
  • The Last Drive-In Picture Show
    (254) 865-8445 Highway 36, one mile south of Hwy 84, Gatesville, TX
  • Graham Drive-In Theatre
    Jacksboro Highway, Graham, TX 76450 (817) 549-8478
  • Brazos Drive-In
    1800 West Pearl, Granbury, TX 76048 (817) 573-1311 or 573-8086
  • Showboat Drive-In
    22422 FM 2920 Rd. Hockley, TX 77447 Phone: (281) 351-5224
  • Zocalo Theater & Perfomance Art Co
    5223 Feagan St, Houston Texas Phone #:(713)861-2442 Last Saturday of every month Number of Screens: 1 Built 1993
  • Sky-Vue Drive-In Theatre
    South Big Spring Highway, Lamesa, TX 79331 (806) 872-7004
  • Valley Drive-In Theatre
    Hwy 83, Mc Allen, TX (210) 682-8201
  • Wes-Mer Drive In
    2090 West Highway 83, Mercedes, TX 78570 (956) 565-9050
  • Midway Drive-in,
    Quitaque, TX
  • Tower Drive-In Theatre Rule, TX (817) 997-2382
  • Mission Drive-In Theatre
    3100 Roosevelt Avenue, San Antonio, TX 78214 (210) 532-3259
  • Crossroads Drive-In Theater
    Hwy 90A . Shiner , TX 75701 361-594-3404

When you are ready for a little nostalgia, hit up one of the drive-ins that are closest to you. It’s one of the few places that I know of that is thick with history and filled with memories. Just don’t try to sneak your friends in via your trunk, I think that’s still frowned upon.