Emergency and Temporary Housing

Sometimes your RV has to go above and beyond its intended purpose of recreation and be a real lifesaver when an emergency arises. Obviously, at the time of this writing, we are currently doing our best to stay healthy and avoid any exposure to the Corona Virus, medically known as COVID-19. Having the ability to self-quarantine in your RV not only gives you added range of mobility, but you can effectively evacuate any area you live in that might be considered a “hotspot.” The chances of contraction is obviously a concern, but it shouldn’t keep you from staying positive. The RV can bring lots of people comfort knowing they are being prudent with safety, but still change scenery and moving from a condensed populous on a whim and still have all of the luxuries you are accustomed to at home.

Thinking outside of the world of quarantine, our RVs provide a very valuable shelter whether you are working on a job site away from home, or you’ve lost your home, or RV to a storm, or fire, or you’re purchasing an RV to quarantine during COVID-19, temporary or emergency housing needs can be solved, in many cases, by purchasing a used RV through PPL Motor Homes.  As I said, a RV provides a home away from home and a great place to live during or after an emergency or natural disaster. 

Further, and possibly something you hadn’t thought about, an added benefit of purchasing a used RV is that PPL can help you resell it when you no longer have that need.  It’s a fact that the recent COVID-19 pandemic had many families have turned to an RV for a place to quarantine. This shouldn’t be taken as a negative. In fact, quite the opposite! Think about it, for the time being you get to enjoy the family RV lifestyle in a few months.  

PPL is the RV consignment leader.  We have been selling used RVs and motor homes since 1972 and have helped over 44,000 RVers find just what they are looking for.  Visit one of our 3 Texas locations or shop on-line to view our selection of over 700 motor homes, travel trailers and fifth wheels.

We have pictures, floorplans, details and prices on our complete inventory online.  At PPL, we have a solution for your emergency needs and we are here to help you today, tomorrow and for many years to come.

We aren’t looking at this as anything other than an opportunity to let our wonderful RV lives not be disrupted and stay safe while doing it. Think about it…a home away from home sounds pretty good right not, right?