Consignment RVs Houston: Tips For Being A Frugal RVer

Did you know that RVing is one of the most frugal ways to vacation? Hey, we all need a vacation, are you willing to fork over they type of cash it takes to fly to your destination, rent lodging and eat out every night? You may be, but with the economy being what it is today, many more people are turning to an RV vacation and kicking themselves for not doing it sooner. You have your home away from home right there with you, filled with all of the things that you recognize and enjoy. There’s nothing more relaxing than sleeping in your own bed. Plus, think of all of the places you can go at the drop of a hat. RVing is the very definition of freedom and the best part is that it is extraordinarily affordable. Even for the most frugal of people, RVing just makes sense. In fact, the low cost of RVing no only draws people to the lifestyle for vacations, but also as Full Time RVers!

I found some different methods to slash your RVing costs from RV Life & Travel…and yes some of them include learning a little about your RV itself (It’s OK to get your hands dirty every now and again). Some of these tips are really geared towards the Full-Time RVer, but you can certainly put them to use on your RV vacations.

1. Frugal RVers spend their money for the gift, not on the packaging and shipping. Consider presents that can be sent in a regular envelope. Or, order from a catalog and have the present sent directly to the recipient

2. Learn to pack your RV’s wheel bearings. It is a job seldom done until it is too late, resulting in expensive repair bills. Do it every year or when you inspect your brakes. It’s also a good idea to make note of wheel bearing numbers and seal numbers while you have the hubs off the spindles. Thrifty RVers do that and additional RV maintenance jobs.

3. Take advantage of your mobile position in looking for unconventional places to make purchases. Leasing stores often contain appliances, equipment, plus a large assortment of various products for sale. Shop warehouse or discount outlets in areas where those stores are present. Prescriptions and health care items may be considerably less expensive in some states than others. Check prices on items closest to their point of origin, whether it is produce, other foods, or manufactured goods.

4. Begin RVing in an inexpensive, second-hand rig. This is possibly the number one tip used for frugal RVing. (Check out our consignment RVs in Houston)

5. Frugal RVers travel the shoulder seasons for pre-season discounts. Campgrounds, theme parks, and various other points of interest routinely have lower costs before the main tourist season hits. And, at the end of the season.

6. Well trimmed and boneless meat can be cheaper per portion than untrimmed, bone-in meat. Having the butcher to remove bones and fat (and with poultry, also the skin) can result in having to pay a smaller amount for the edible meat inside the package, even though the cost per pound will be significantly higher. The identical is true with fish. As an extra bonus, you have neither the labor nor the mess of doing the job at home.

7. A large part of frugal RVing is being conscious of prices. Evaluate costs of goods and services around the area you are now in with prices in the area you plan to go to next. Costs differ considerably from one part of the country to the other. Community size, place, competition, local values, popularity of the items, plus time of year can altogether have an effect on prices.

8. Shop at non-conventional places for groceries — discount stores, dollar stores, flea markets, roadside veggie stands, canning facilities, u-pick orchards, and so on.

9. Supplement your frugal RVing by discovering a activity that pays. Make and sell crafts. Take extra photographs and sell them. Use your love of fishing and your knack at catching fish to become a fishing guide. Instruct someone your hobby skills, either individually or in an adult education class.

10. Eateries often charge a smaller amount for diners eating at an earlier time in the day. Lunch menu rates might be less than dinner menu rates, even for the identical food selections served in the same quantity. Early bird dinner selections, with reduced rates, often include feature dishes not available on the normal menu. Restaurants sometimes give a flat percent reduction on any meals ordered by a certain time, to help smooth out out the dinner hour rush. [Source: RV Life & Travel]

Ask any RVer and they’ll have nothing but good things to say about the lifestyle. No waiting in crowded airports, no lost luggage, no mystery hotel rooms. When you become a RVer, you are an RVer for life. Even when you aren’t in your RV, you are thinking about your next trip. If you are interested in spending your vacation dollars more wisely, come to PPL Motorhomes and check out our great selection of consignment RVs…which is actually tip #4 above.