PPL Motorhomes, Be A Greener RVer

Going Green. We’ve been hearing this phrase for quite a while now, and we are slowly acclimating to the idea of energy conservation and stewardship of our lands. Even further, the idea of “Going Green” is really starting to show up at campgrounds and National Parks across the US.  As RVers, we all have a certain connection with the Earth and the outdoors. That’s why when I found this totally Green RV, I had to share it with you!


In addition, “going green RVing” falls right in line with my last post about frugal ways to RV. I found an article from a full-time RVer that I wanted to share just because it’s so interesting. Do you think you could live this way in your RV?

  • I am completely off-grid. I have 190 watts of solar panels and a pair of golf cart batteries that meet all my meager electrical needs.
  • I live in a 6×10 foot converted cargo trailer with the minimal comforts. It’s carbon
    footprint is tiny. More importantly, it is so small I can’t own much “stuff.” It’s full with
    just the essentials of living, leaving no room for frivolous luxuries. So by necessity I am free of the consumer culture.
  • I use less than 15 gallons of water a week. I bathe and do dishes with a solar shower,
    spray bottle and wash cloths.
  • While my pick-up gets poor fuel mileage, (10-13 mpg), I drive very little. That’s possible because I work as a campground host in the Sierra National Forest in the summer.
  • I park the truck and only drive on my weekends when I need supplies.
  • In the winter I live in the desert on BLM land. Because it is 14 day stay land, I have to move every 14 days. So I find a beautiful spot to camp on, set up camp, and stay there for 14 days until I have tomove again.
  • I generally go into town once a week for supplies and I have a small motorcycle(75 mpg) I use on most of those trips.
  • The only other fossil fuel I use is a very small (less than 10 gallons a year) amount of
    propane to cook with. Because I am a “snowbird”, moving with the seasons, I rarely am in extreme heat or cold, so I very seldom need any heat and never use air conditioning.

Now, not all of us RVers  can be as “Green” as Brian Bawdy’s RV, or the individual above, but there are certain things that we can do to be better stewards of our National Parks and Camp Grounds. In fact, PPL Motorhomes has numerous products that you can use on your RV adventures We have as solar “just about everything” from solar panels, to battery chargers, to patio lights.