Coach-net Roadside Assistance

Let me be the first say, if you are a RVer without roadside assistance… well, congratulations on being an expert RV mechanic too. You must have gone though years of training to be so confident in your roadside mechanic skills.

In all seriousness, if you don’t have some type of roadside assistance on call for your RV, then you are potentially gambling with your trip. I use Coach-net Roadside assistance, and no, I never leave home without it, much like I should my American Express card on some trips.

Anyway, PPL Motorhomes offers this great product designed with the RVer in mind.  Complete with everything you need from roadside assistance to concierge service,  24 hour tech support, all-inclusive for entire family coverage, coverage in any vehicle you are in, in-campground service, pays to tow to nearest qualified repair facility, Assist America coverage included,  PPL offers coverage for towable and motorized for just $119.50: that’s a bargain people. Buying through PPL Motorhomes will save you as much as $39.50 off retail.

The bottom line is that this is an outstanding service, one which we highly recommend! I’d never travel without the protection of road-side assistance. That’s not to mention all of the other amenities. Just having the comfort knowing that I have an emergency resource able to provide assistance 24/7 is worth the cost alone.

Listen to RVNana and get Coach-Net Roadside assistance before you actually need it.

…and don’t run with scissors!