Beach Barbeques Can’t Be Beat

See what I did there? The alliteration I mean. All of the “B’s” in the title…anyway. The beach and barbecues (Bar-b-ques, B-B-Q depending on where you are from). We just got back from a really great trip to the beach this past weekend. Delenara RV Park on Galveston Island to be exact. It took a big hit during Hurricane Ike, but has been reborn and is once again a beautiful place to hook up and watch the sunset.

When we’re at the beach, barbecues are pretty much standard. Don’t think that we take them lightly, it’s just that we’ve had our fair share of beachcomber barbecues in the past and are looking forward to many more.

It doesn’t matter what you throw on the grill: fresh caught Rainbow Trout, Shrimp, hamburgers, hot dogs, steak, or veggies the grill becomes the center of attention as the amazing smells begin to waft in the ocean breeze. Keep the sand off of your plate and you’ve a fine meal, indeed.

So, do you use the community grill at your campsite, or do you bring your own? Good question. You can do either! Though, we bring ours. In fact, they are more affordable and much easier to transport and use than you may think.   Beach ready grills don’t have to be expensive, or cumbersome. In fact, if you are on a budget, you can actually get some very nice grills for relatively little money. Of course, if you are a serious barbecuing beachcomber, then you are going to want something with a more versatile grilling space, but put in only minimal effort into transporting it, you can look into mounting one one your RV.

The bottom line is if you plan to take your RV to the beach, take your cooking outdoors and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of that cool salty air.

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