Alternatives to Spraying Yards for Mosquitos

Mosquitos! You hate them as much as I do. For some reason, they are attracted to me. People always like to say that it’s because I was sweet, but I’m Cajun and thought I would have been much more spicy. Anyway, I was thinking about how bad the mosquitos have been lately due to the excessive amount of rain and was wondering if there were some super-simple ways of dealing with those pesky critters. Texas Parks & Wildlife have some reasonable suggestions.

Healthy amounts of rain in spring can mean unhealthy amounts of mosquitoes in summer. If you plan to spray your yard, beware: most lawn mosquito sprays are a general insecticide and kill all insects that come in contact with it – butterflies, bees, fireflies, dragonflies – and the run-off can kill fish. Instead of treating your yard with pesticide, ward off mosquitos using these tips:

  • Use personal insect repellent cream, spray or oil 
  • Dispose of all standing water, inside and out, or replace it weekly 
  • Block holes where mosquitos can enter your home

The CDC has more tips to prevent mosquito bites, including a list of approved personal insect repellents, as well as tips to prevent tick bites. Stay safe, but try not to kill beneficial insects in the process.

-Texas Parks and Wildlife

The secret to preventing your evening being overrun by blood sucking insects is actually quite simple. Be prepared and plan ahead. Are you going outside? Use insect repellant. Light a few citronella candles. It really is that simple. Just make sure your repellant is DEET free. That stuff is terrible for people and children.

Or, better yet, get a Vortex Insect Trap! These things are great and can help cut down on that terrible citronella smell. Get a few and get rid of citronella candles altogether…but, you still have to wear personal insect repellant (without DEET). RV Nana says, “It’s mandatory”.