Yamaha Inverter/Generator Emissions Compliance Rating Information

Let’s face it, nobody likes a stinky, loud inefficient generator. We all like our campgrounds free from pollutants and noise. Lot’s of times, our generators can be more of a liability than anything else. If it’s time for you to replace that old generator with one that you can trust, we recommend Yamaha generators. In fact, there are a myriad of reasons why Yamaha makes a superior generator in comparison to the rest on the market. It’s their reliability, durability and value. You simply can’t find a generator that does more, for less money.

Check out the EPA’s guide that show Yamaha generators being a much better value than other generators on the market. In fact, a Yamaha generator will last twice as long as Honda for about the same price, their nearest competitor.

If you’ve ever had a question about which generator to get, the choice is clear. If it’s time to get a new generator, PPL Motorhomes, recommends that you take a look at Yamaha generators. They have a long illustrious history of durability and value and we have received so many positive comments about the Yamaha line.

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  1. dan piotrowski

    I have a Toyota 1989 Sunrader with ouy a generator, which Yamaha portable generator would you recommend??

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