Winegard/Dish Network Antenna

I don’t suppose I need to remind you of what happened last weekend between University of Texas and Notre Dame do I? Well for you Texas Aggie fans it was a legendarily good game!! I think it was the first time in history that a game went into overtime there at Darrell K Royal Stadium. Matter of fact it went to double overtime! The last three minutes of the fourth quarter was just unreal. Texas was in scoring position and then made a dumb penalty costing them 15 yards. I was screaming at the TV that that play was like the Houston Oilers at their worst. Ugh! But then two nail-biting overtimes later and we’re all jumping for joy because our Texas boys whooped those folks from Up North! And you know what? I was at my favorite campsite in Matagorda by the beach watching the game. Jealous?


The Dish Playmaker Portable Satellite Antenna by Wingard helped make that scenario happen. Nothing like watching HD TV in the comfort of your own RV baby! And we have them on sale until Sept 24th. If you’re the folks who enjoy a good tailgater before the game during college football season, or heck even during the pro season, then this antenna will help make all your dreams come true.

These things couple up to the Dish HD Solo receiver, and it’s full automatic. It’ll find the satellites by itself despite their orbital locations. And seeing how this thing is portable, it only weighs 10 lbs and comes with a convenient carry handle. Needless to say it’s pretty compact for what it does, which makes it perfect for storing in the RV until you need it. Tailgaters will be easy as pie in what hopefully becomes Texas’s Fall here in the coming weeks. Stars, BBQ, beers, and the game on HD. Can’t beat that! For more information click HERE