Packing for Our Next Adventure: RV Packing Tips

What clothes do you pack for your RV adventure? That is something you need to think about just like you plan on what food and supplies you are going to pack. We have come up with our own little checklist of clothing for both of us and we still need to do some fine tuning. First you have to consider where you’re going and what you are going to be doing. If you are truly going hiking for a week, then you need to just pack shorts, jeans, t-shirts and hiking shoes, but you should still be prepared for those sudden drops in temperature or for stopping at the nicer restaurant on the way to or from your destination. Above all, just think “comfort” when you start to pack.

There are a few things we keep in the RV year round ad have had plenty of times when we were glad we had these.

For me: Light weight jacket, sweatshirt, heavy jacket, swimsuit & cover up, shorts, t-shirts, sundress, light sweater, swim shoes and shower shoes.

For my husband: The same items but forget the sundress and pack a Hawaiian shirt.

Everything I pack in the RV has to be comfortable and “fun.” After all, having fun is what we’re planning to do in the RV, isn’t it? I always make sure I have a nice pair of jeans or slacks so I can dress them up for an evening out or play all day in them. Leave the iron and ironing board at home and pack clothes that look good without a lot of fuss. You can also leave all those fancy shoes and expensive jewelry at home and enjoy the fun stuff. Basic colors and styles (even a gauze skirt or capris) can be dressed up with a little fun jewelry or a scarf. My husband enjoys his Hawaiian shirts and golf shirts for a nice evening out while on the road.

On most trips we wear only jeans and shorts, but we like to be prepared for whatever comes our way. Keep your clothes cool and breathable so you are comfortable in the heat and you can always add a lightweight jacket or long sleeve shirt for the evening hours when the weather turns cool.

Make sure your shoes are comfortable and that you have more than one pair with you. You will likely be doing more walking than you do at home and there is nothing worse than spending a day outdoors with blisters on your feet. And, make sure you have a pair of shoes like crocs or flip flops that you can slip on real fast to take the trash out or go walk the dog.

The hardest thing for me when we bought our RV was to leave clothes at home. It took me a long time to realize that I could travel without taking half of my closet with me. Planning for a week or a month on the road takes a little planning, but it is easy to pack a versatile wardrobe by doing a little color coordination and preparation. And remember you can throw a load of clothes in the washer at the campground if you really have to so pack a small container of laundry soap and a few dryer sheets. And, as my husband will tell you, forgetting something is a “shopping” opportunity for me.

Have fun!