We Were Lucky: Riding Out Hurricane Harvey

What a difference a week makes. Last week, I would have never imagined that my PPL and RV family would be facing every possible emotion, when we heard about the pending storm, my amazing PPL team jumped into action. It takes a lot to prepare 500+ vehicles for the uncertainty we were about to face. We secured the RVS and all of us left Friday to secure our homes and help our own families. The next 24 hours were scary, to say the least, and for us, Saturday was much better than expected. Then the water started rising and it hasn’t stopped yet.

I had friends who experienced the horrible helpless feeling of watching the water rise in their homes knowing there was nothing they could do to stop it. The rain never stopped and the water continued rising. When would it stop? Evacuation orders were issued and people had to make the big decision…should I stay or should I go. My daughter and I made the decision that my house would be the safest so we all hunkered down together while my son in law served others in the city. He is a first responder.

The next 48 hours were consumed by watching the news, texting friends and touching base with friends and family. A very stressful time for all of us, but during all of that we had wonderful opportunities. We opened our doors to neighbors, met people in the neighborhood we had never met and even found time to give raft rides to the kids in the neighborhood. We had to hold onto our faith and our ability to make lemonade when life gives you lemons. We cooked and shared with others and made memories.

Today, I jokingly tell people that I am the proud owner of waterfront property in Sugar Land, Texas. We are marooned in a neighborhood surrounded by water. No water has come into the homes and we are all waiting for the Brazos River to start to recede, something I feel sure will happen in the next 24 hours,

We are the lucky ones, we are blessed to be safe and sound. My heart goes out to those unfortunate ones, those who lost so much, those who hurt so bad. We are Texans and we will survive. The overwhelming response from total strangers is what keeps us going. Storms and crisis bring people together and I hope we will all continue this wonderful spirit of unity and giving tomorrow, next month…forever. I urge all of you to reach out and help a neighbor, friend or stranger, take time to volunteer, give and share with others now and always.


  1. Tal finley

    Very glad you did not flood. Take care and pace yourself. Not too much!! Don’t want you sick again. 😀 If I can help, let me know. Hugs

    1. ppladmin (Post author)

      Thank you, Tal. We were lucky.

  2. Miriam Cooper

    Thank you for sharing such a positive insight about this naural disaster. Also, it’s wonderful to know that you put your PPL family and their families first and allowed them to make preparations! As my RV is on consignment with your company in New Braunfels, I thought about you guys in Houston and how you were affected by Harvey. I feel even more confident that I am doing business with the right people!

  3. Michael McLucas

    The world would be a better place if everyone acted the way they do during a disaster helping and loving each other. Prayers to all of you in Texas and Florida.

  4. Don and Sharon Lallier

    I live in Nebraska full time but for over 20 years my wife and worked all over the US and lived in a RV 5th Wheeler for all that time. When I tried to retire I ended up coming to Houston to work each winter as a contract Manager and went back to Nebraska each summer for 10 years. Made lots of friends in Houston and then had a major Heart Attack 2 years ago and had to quite work at age 78. I have been home and I am now 80 but miss my work and friends in Houston. I was so sad to follow the storm wishing I could be of some help. But I am limited by bad heart and my two replacement hips etc.
    Our most fun and enjoyment was when we lived in our RV We do miss it.
    Love to all the Houston People.

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