Turn on your stove burner after filling your LP tanks


Oh no, we left our RV at the campground for the week and returned to find our refrigerator had stopped working and I filled a trash can with rotten food. This could happen to any of us. We had our LP tanks filled before taking the fifth wheel down to the bay where we were planning to leave it for a month. We had it all set up and the refrigerator was running fine on electric when we left. The problem apparently started with a power failure at the RV Park when we lost 110 power.

That seems like a minor issue since the RV refrigerator is supposed to switch over to electric. Little did we know that we had to pressurize the LP to get any air out of the lines, or it will try three times to start and then give up. Simply starting the burner on our range would have saved us at least $100 on food and the time it took to clean it all out. It would have been a real mess if we had been gone longer than a few days.

The video below gives some great education regarding your LP system!


So, take time after you fill your tanks to simply turn on your stove and, this simple little step, may save you a big mess. If you ever have any questions regarding your RV feel free to contact PPL Motor Homes Houston, I know we’ll have an answer.