Try The New Apex NeverKink Hose

As an RVer, or even a homeowner for that matter, I know you have a pet peeve about something related to your RV or house. Mine is a kinked water hose! Ahhhhhh!!! I can’t stand it when the hose kinks! It’s always when you need it most and it’s always far away. You may try the “flip and twist” technique, but that hardly ever works. It either tangles the hose more, or you can never get it untwisted. You have to walk all the way over and physically flip the hose. I know I’m complaining, but have you ever experienced the Houston Summer? You need to expend as little energy as possible.

Of course you can get one of those nice garden caddies. They usually do the job well, but the hose can sometime still twist on the line, and where do you have room in your RV for hauling a giant, cumbersome garden hose holder, or caddy? Never fear, Apex never kink hose is here! The Apex Neverkink RV and Marine hose is guaranteed to never kink, or tangle. Well, that solves my problem right there!

I highly recommend an Apex Neverkink hose. Especially if you are like me and can’t stand to have a messed up garden hose! PPL Motor homes carries them and they are very reasonable. Check them out… you’ll be glad you did.