Trash Bag Taco Salad, It’s Delicious

Now, one of my favorite recipes from Evada Cooper is one we have made several times at the campsite. This is what I call “A Prepare in Advance” light lunch that everyone seems to like. This is seriously going to be one of the easiest meals you’ve ever prepared, as well as, cleaned up after! If you are lazy, this is right up your alley.

First, and this is the hardest part. Brown and season 2 lbs. of premium ground beef. I’m talking about the good stuff, get yourself some Black Angus.  RV Nana doesn’t compromise when it comes to main ingredients. You can season your ground beef according to your taste.

Second, package it in 2 freezer bags, 1 for the Trash Bag Taco Salad and the other is for the rest is for whatever I decide to do later. There are so many uses for taco meat. From soup to salad, I love to cook at the campsite, but I also like to have easy, no fuss things prepared in advance.

Now it’s time to pull out a bag or two and warm it up in the microwave. In a clean, UNSCENTED (this is very important) kitchen trash bag, mix chopped lettuce, tomatoes, grated cheese, and drained black beans.

Add the warm ground meat and some Catalina, or Ranch dressing (it depends on which part of Texas you are in).

Now comes the best part, shake that trash bag up and throw it on the picnic table. I like to serve it a small Frito bag on top of the Fritos. Everyone loves it, especially the kids, and it’s an easy clean up…no mess!!!

Of course, I always have some jalapeños, avocado and extra toppings on the side.