Tips For Packing and Unpacking Your RV
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Every now and then, I have an idea for a blog article which ends up really being me revisiting a checklist in my head. I know I’ve written about packing and unpacking your RV before, likely more than once. But that just stands to reason, because you guys KNOW I love to make lists!

I just take out my handy little notebook that I always keep and started revising some reminders that I’ve probably written down 1,000 times. I’m likely not telling you anything new here, so consider it a simple reminder.

Here it is. Tips For Packing and Unpacking Your RV-Directly from my handy little notebook:

  • How many days will you be gone?   What activities are you doing?
  • Prepare for a change in weather
  • Try not to over pack
  • Plan or tentatively plan your meals
  • Toiletries/Medicines – I have one hanging carry bag that holds all of this compactly and can hang on a hook in the bathroom
  • Use collapsible storage boxes to store can goods, dishes, plastic ware, etc. in the upper cabinets
  • Use zip lock bags for all small items
  • I use plastic grocery bags to load everything in the RV
    • Food in one
    • Snacks in one
    • Perishable items (fruit, bread, tortillas, chips, cookies, muffins) and keep them all together in one cabinet so you don’t forget to unpack all of them

Hopefully this jogged something in your memory to include on you next RV adventure. Feel free to share any of your lists with us like this one sent by PPL Motorhomes Customer Rick C.:

                         Desert Load List

Food items:
eggs    sausage    bacon    cornbeef hash    bread    english muffins    butter    mayo    mustard    ham    milk    lunchmeat    sliced cheese    shreaded cheese    lettuce    tomatoes    onions    potatoes    sodas    gatorades     sour cream    chips    granola bars    steaks    burgers & buns    hotdogs & buns    noodles    Pam spray    coffee   cone shaped filters    sugar    water    beer       ice    small zip-lock bags    large zip-lock bags    paper plates    cups    Monsters    dish soap      hot-sauce    tin foil    Clamato juice   paper towels   BBQ sauce  

underware    socks    t-shirts    pants    shorts    light jacket    heavy jacket    thermoshirts        boots    shoes    sweatshirts    sleeping sweats    slippers    pillows    blankets     wide brim hat

Cat Box:                                       

coolant    sparks plugs    spray degreaser    filter spray    chains & locks    whips    rags    lightbulbs    gas    30′ cable    spare drive belt (0823-391)    spare Cat tires

Other S***:
firewood    trailer spare tire    green carpet    leveling boards    table    chairs    toolbox spare whip   2-way radios    GPS    BBQ    Compressor    trash bags    coolers    cordless impact small propane bottles

Things to Do:
1. clean trailer
2. check propane
3. check tire pressure (65 psi)
4. charge batteries & check levels
5. fill water tank
6. set up black tank
7. check trailer lights
8. trailer keys?
9. charge battery pack(s)
10. be sure pin is in receiver and locked
11. Credit Card vacation notification

Thanks again, Rick!

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