The Best SewerSolution For Your RV

One of the dirtier jobs of owning an RV is taking care of your black and grey water tanks. Don’t you just love that dump station odor? Wouldn’t it be nice if you never had to visit a dump station again? Well, this is the product you need.

Here’s a video demo if how the SewerSolution works:

SewerSolution is a water-powered jet pump system designed for dumping the waste from RVs and flushing the system clean.

  • Easy to install
  • Sanitary to operate-no more dirty hands!
  • No moving parts
  • Completely self-cleaning
  • Environmentally safe

The SewerSolution System includes SewerSolution pump unit, a 10′ length of Dump Hose and the Full Hookup Adapter Kit. Everything you need to get started! Additional 10′ Hose Kits are available to extend the range of your SewerSolution. The Sewer Solution can pump waste up to 60 feet, even uphill!!

Give us PPL Motorhomes in Houston, or PPL Motorhomes In New Braunfels a call and we can really explain in depth how the SweerSolution works and how you and your RV can benefit from owning this great product.