Take Your Bikes With You!

Staying healthy when you’re out on the road is a tough task. Sometimes, when we’re in a hurry, we end up going to fast food restaurants. If we keep doing that, we may start to notice a big problem: our waistline.

That’s why I’ve always been an advocate for bringing your bike with you when you head out. They are a great way to get your exercise and see the area you’re visiting at the same time. Here are my reasons for bringing your bicycle along with you using one of our Swagman Bike Carriers to help get them there.

  1. Bicycling is great for your heart. As we all get older, a healthy heart is important to our energy levels and our quality of living.
  2. It’s great for your waistline. You can burn a ton of calories by biking around the park and staying active.
  3. It’ll help you live longer. Maintaining a healthy exercise routine is a great idea, especially if you’re looking to keep RVing after retirement and into your silver years.
  4. It’s great for your stress levels. Taking a half-hour or so to leisurely explore the land on your bike is a good way to clear your head and think without distractions.
  5. It’s great for your immune system. If you’re out on the road for an extended period of time, you don’t want to get sick and keep passing it on to your fellow RVers. Stay healthy and you’ll keep everyone else healthy too.
  6. Compared to running, cycling is much easier on your joints, making it a great alternative if you suffer from joint pain.

Bringing your bikes with you when you head out is easier than ever with a bike carrier from Swagman. We’ve got a few of them, so you can choose which one fits your needs! If you’re RVing with kids, they’ll love the fact that they can travel across the country and never leave their bikes at home. You might want to order them quick because these deep discounts go away on May 31, 2014! Order them now!


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