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It’s something we don’t think about until something goes wrong with it. We’re usually driving on the highway, listening to our music and anticipating getting to our campsite so we can start enjoying the time spent with our families, when disaster strikes. An improperly maintained undercarriage on your travel trailer or fifth wheel can mean you’re stuck on the side of the road waiting for a repairman to come help you out. Here’s a few things to look for on your undercarriage before you head out to the wilderness.

Rusted U-bolts and Hangers

We all know rust will happen, but at some point, those u-bolts and hangers will become frail and you run the risk of them breaking when you hit a bump. If they’re looking like the need to get replaced, don’t wait on it. Get it done and stay safe!

Double Check Those Springs

If you’re using an axle that requires springs (not a torsion axle), a broken or worn spring can affect your ride and your ability to stay level when parked at a campsite. A broken or worn spring means you’re carrying too much weight and they are buckling under the pressure. Get a new set of springs and don’t take the RV out until you get them replaced!

Grease Those Axles

I’ve heard way too many horror stories of people driving down the road and their bearings fail enabling a wheel to fall off. That’s right, a wheel just fell right off while they were in motion.  The maintenance is simple here, folks: Grease those bearings!

Air Up Those Tires

If you’ve got a couple of tires running low on air, your truck is working harder than it should and that means your miles per gallon are going downhill. Keeping your tire pressure where it needs to be also minimizes the chance of a blowout, leaving you to change your tire while you’re on the side of the road. Not a fun time for anyone.

Drop by PPL Motorhomes

Whatever maintenance you don’t feel comfortable performing on your own, we can take care of!



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