Storage Solutions For Every RV

Storage is always an issue for nearly every RVer. We always want to take things “just in case”. After all, it’s better to have too much than not enough, right? I know I’m guilty of that. I pack all of my storage spaces full of gadgets, clothes and other random things I may think I need. Of course, after we get to the RV campsite, and start setting things up, I always wonder “Why did we bring so much?” I’m a big fan of any product that makes more storage available and let’s me bring more on my trip without tripping over everything. Here are a few products that I use in my RV that keep me sane and my RV organized.

Instahanger Fold-Up Clothes Storage

Needless to say, when we first got these in our warehouse, I was the first customer. Everyone knows that women pack too many clothes. Yes, we have to have that 1 sweater during the summer, just in case a polar cold front comes it. Yes, we have to have 20 different outfits. Now I don’t feel so bad, because our closet can handle everything I bring.



Hatchlift Hydraulic Bedlift Kits

What a great idea! The space under your bed is mostly just wasted space, so why not put stuff in it? These handy hydraulic kits make it easy to lift your mattress platform up, without throwing out your back, so you can easily fill it with necessities. Better to have, than be forced to go buy one when you’re out on a campsite.


KwiKee Super Slide II

This is a great addition to any RV with underbody storage units. A sliding storage organizer. It allows you to fill your storage up completely and have access to it, without having to unload and reload everything in it. If you’re looking for something towards the back, just slide it all the way out and there it is! No more backbreaking lifting and moving.

What storage solutions do you use in your RV?