Staying Fit in the RV Life

Rv Fit! photo from:http://consumerboomer.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/baby-boomer-exercise-program.jpg

Everybody knows that the roads are long, the driving hours are pretty sedentary, and the odd thing is that once you make it to your destination, ironically, you just want to sit down. Just like you’ve been doing all day long! Well here are some tips about how to get the blood pumping again after a long day on the road.

You may not be 6 years old anymore, but bicycles are awesome! They are an great way to get the legs going, the heart pumping, and some energy burnt. Not everybody has a car tailing along at the back of the RV, and bicycles are the perfect way to run those small errands when you’ve reached your destination. Take a backpack for groceries, or go old school and add a basket to the front. Chances are you wont be going over any sweet jumps or needing to look cool in front of all the other kids and baskets do make life just a little bit easier.

You have two things with you at all times that can help with mobility, health, and energy. Your feet! Pedometers are cheap, and you can go for record-breaking walks everyday. It’s always good to explore, and what better way to do it that than in some new shoes? It doesn’t take that much time out of your day and weren’t you just saying that there’s nothing good on TV?

On bad weather days, you can always put on your favorite music and have a quick dance party in the RV. Pretend you’re on an episode of Soul Train, Dancing With The Stars, or even Lawrence Welk, and dance like nobody’s watching! The fun thing about dancing is how quickly the time passes, only 3-4 songs and the next thing you know you have “worked out” for almost 30 minutes. As James Brown used to sing, “Get up off a that thing! Shake it, you’ll feel better!”

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