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Pow-Wows are an great opportunity to see and experience Native American culture. Singing, dancing, cooking, and just good old socializing is what Pow-Wows are all about. They are also very educational and exciting too. Needless to say there are Pow-Wows all over the country throughout the summer, so if you find yourself on a summer driving trip, finding a pow wow near your destination is a perfect way to present some American history to the kids and grandkids. If you’re in Texas and aren’t traveling too far this summer, there are a couple good ones nearby.

Bandera, TX – Circle Of Life Pow-Wow

Bandera is located in the heart of the hill country and can be reached best from I-10 by either taking 173 south out of Kerrville, or 46 south out of Boerne until it intersects 16 and you turn west. The Circle Of Life Pow-Wow is not limited to any one tribe, and features a few spiritual ceremonies you can view.

Kinder, LA –  Coushatta Pow-Wow

For those of yall who don’t want to wait until the end of the summer, nearby Kinder, LA hosts the 21st Annual Coushatta Pow-Wow the weekend of June 11. The Coushattas in Louisiana are a fairly small tribe now, and estimated 400 people still live on the reservation, but they are rich in heritage as you can see at the Pow-Wow.

East Falmouth MA – Mashpee Wampanoag 95th Annual Pow-Wow

If you’re headed up to the east coast, this is an amazing pow wow to see. It’s help 4th of July weekend, and is one of the oldest continuous P0w-Wows held east of the Mississippi. The Mashpee Wampanoag are a federation of tribes who came in contact with European settlers as far back as the 1600’s and have still maintained their identity. If you’re in New England this summer, check them out!

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