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The Gulf Coast is often portrayed as the ugly step sister to the Pacific Coast and the Atlantic Coast, but I’m here to tell you…it just ain’s so. Every Coast in America has miles of ugly and beauty, and today we’re going to talk Gulf Coast Beauty Spots. So since beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say, what makes a beautiful part of a coast? Clear water? Isolation? Hotels and amenities? To each their own, but for the purposes of today, we’re going to talk beautiful water.


Here in the Lone Star, I’ve got to lead off with Port Aransas. This is that point on the gulf coast where the river silt finally starts fading out and the water becomes a clear sparkly blue/green. All the usual amenities are located here from deep sea fishing to hotels and great seafood. Boat rides over to Saint Jo Island are available as well if you’d prefer a more isolated beach experience.


Grand Isle is the place to be. It’s about a two hour drive south from New Orleans. The fishing is world renowned, the birds are incredible, and for a barrier island next to the mouth of the mighty Mississippi, the beaches are great!


Gulf Shores, AL is probably the most well known beach in this thin strip of coast that Mississipp and Alabama occupy. This portion of the coast is more along the typical spring breaker idea of a great beach with abundant hotels and entertainments,


St George Island is one neat spot y’all. It’s a barrier island off the coast off Florida near Apalachicola. It features over 9 miles of undeveloped beach so if you’re looking for a spot more natural in Florida, this is your place! Lots of fishing and charter boat tours, as well as the usual seaside diversions.

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