Keep Unwanted Critters Out of Your RV

It’s no secret that, if I truly had the choice, I’d spend everyday RVing. But, seeing as how not all of us have the time, or luxury to be full-time RVers, we have to think about and prepare for the days when we aren’t actually using our RVs.  What I’ve come to realize over the years and after hearing a few horror stories along the way, even though we may not be using our RVs, there is the very real possibility that little critters and insects are. That’s right, while your RV was packed away for the Winter, or otherwise not in use, pests were likely using it as shelter. Just thinking about now makes my skin crawl a little.

Now, while you may not be able to keep every tiny little creature out of your RV, there are a few preventative measures you can take to deter many of them from taking up residence in your “home away from home”.  Even though you may think these suggestions are common sense, I hope one of my readers who stumbles across this article learns a new RV life hack for keeping their rig critter free.

Tip #1: A little steel wool keeps the mice out.  Placing a little steel wool around any pipe openings under sinks will keep mice from coming into your RV.  Sounds silly, but since they can’t chew through steel, it makes a very effective barrier to entry!

Tip #2: Fabric Softener Sheets are not just for laundry!  These are an inexpensive way to keep bugs and mice out of your RV and they help keep it smelling fresh too!  Since trying this little hint I have not seen any spiders, ants, roaches, or other insects in the trailer and our 5th wheel smells clothesline fresh!  They last about 2-3 months and when you’re ready to change them, use the old ones to dust the TV screen and fan blades while you’re getting the RV ready in the spring.

Tip #3Dog Flea Collars are not just for Fido anymore!  The flea collar will keep spiders and mud daubers out of the access compartments behind your refrigerator or water heater, as well as your storage compartments. Spiders are great for the ecology, but really bad for my heart. I love the outdoors, but tend to get a little jumpy when I have to stick my hand into a compartment that doubles as an arachnid hotel.

BONUS TIP: Take your noodle and save your noggin!  Sometimes headaches just come with the territory, both figurative and literal. For example, a simple swimming pool noodle can help cushion some of the slide out corners on your RV whereby protecting the heads of those of shorter stature (I happen to be one of those people). But, being the resourceful and thrift person I am, I also found that they can also protect the windshield wipers while my RV isn’t in use. Nothing is worse than realizing in the middle of a deluge that that your wiper blades have virtually disintegrated due to exposure. I know checking your wiper blades should be on your pre-trip checklist, but things get missed sometimes. With a big pink pool noodle covering them, there is no way you’ll forget to check them.

Now those are just a few ways to keep unwanted stowaways out of your RV, can you suggest RV related “life hacks” that you use? Please let us know in the comment section below and tell us about it! We’re always keen to try out a new way to make life a little easier. Come visit us at PPL Motorhomes for all your parts and accessories.