RV Photo Frames Save My Walls

How many times have you almost picked up a nail and hammer to hang something on the wall in your RV?  I have wanted to so many times, but it just isn’t the same as that sheet rock wall at home.  Then I have heard all the horror stories about placing tape (even the blue painters tape) on the walls and then finding that it tore the finish off the wall.  No worries anymore.  I found the perfect solution for RV photo frames.  I can now frame my favorite family picture or travel memory and change them out whenever I want to with no damage or unsightly hole in the wall.  The RV Photo Frame is so easy to use.  These peel-and-stick frames work on smooth surfaces: wood, glass/mirrors, stainless steel, most RV wallpapers, etc. Removable and reusable, they will not damage surfaces.