RV Fever, When Is The Right Time To Start RVing, Houston

When is the right time to start RVing? Your consignment RV center in Houston, PPL Motorhomes gets asked this question a lot. “RV Nana, when is the right time to start RVing?” Ah, I love this question. The answer is, that there is no answer. You don’t choose RVing, it chooses you. You’ll know it when you get that urge to “go”. Travelers, you understand. I’m talking to your family of 4 who like to go on road trips whenever possible. I’m looking at you, retirees. I’m looking at you, new young family. I’m looking at everyone! The point is that you’ll never know when, where or who RV fever hits.

I guess the next time you see an RV and think to yourself, “I think I’d like to do that one day.” I guess that’s the moment in time when it hits you. That’s the moment you realize that, beyond being one of the most economical forms of travel, it’s a lifestyle.  Whether you are a weekend warrior, a Snowbird or a Full-Time RVer, we all share one ideal: It’s you, the road beneath your tires and your next destination.


So you see, you never really know when you are going to catch RV fever, for which there is no cure. You can only hold it off with a steady stream of highway. So, what’s the first step? How about I show you a nice consignment RV at PPL Motorhomes. Why buy new, when it’s all new to you?

…and one more thing…I promise that you’ll never forget your first RV trip…ever.