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RV Pantry Checklist

I’m a big fan of making lists. I like to be as meticulous as possible when we are preparing to take a trip in our RV. I’m serious. I make a list and check it twice when we are preparing to leave on our RV adventure. However, regardless of how well I prepared to leave, without reviewing that original list, I’m bound to leave something behind. In our eagerness to either get back home, or are just to expedite our checkout as to to put less stress on our hosts prepping the space for the next camper, we can rush and end up leaving something important behind.  I have heard stories of people driving off and leaving everything from a water hose to their dog.  Yes, one lady told me they got down the road to the campground exit and realized Fluffy was not with them.  After some finger pointing and a quick turn, Fluffy was reunited with family and on the road with them.

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I like to take the time to walk the site, make a checklist, take our trash to the dumpster, pick up everything we may have used while camping.  This certainly isn’t the fun part of the trip, but if we abide by The Boy Scouts motto of “Leaving No Trace” we can leave the camp and is should look as if we were never there. Likewise, all campers should do the same.  

I say it all of the time, “it is the little things we forget”. Things like our favorite pliers, or a simple plumbing connection.  For example, I always use a “Y” connector to connect my drinking water hose to the RV and a small 4’ hose for washing hands and feet.  I bet I have accidentally donated 50 of these little gadgets to campgrounds across Texas over the years. That’s roughly $350 I would have saved to go towards my next RV adventure, or parts, or accessories. Just saying, “it pays to make a list and check it twice”…it will save you more than a few dollars; it will save you headaches and frustration. “RV Nana don’t have time for that!”

-Be Well,

RV Nana