PPL Motorhomes Helps You get Your Weight Distributed

If there is one thing that every RVer who tows their RV is afraid of, is hitch problems. Being able to rely on your hitching system will take a lot of stress off  and make the travel that much more enjoyable.One major issue is the shifting of weight while attached to the tow.


Now there are a few different choices out there, but PPL Motorhomes recommends that you check out the Eaz-Lift  line of products. In fact, you can save installation time and money with Eaz-Lift´s Ready-to-Tow Weight Distribution Kit. This complete kit provides everything needed to improve towing safety and performance right out of the box. It comes equipped with a 2 5/16 hitch ball, sway control ball, u-bolts and chain package all pre-installed on a 1,000 lb. Elite Round Bar hitch. This automatically saves you a ton of set-up time. The hitch ball and sway control ball are torqued to specification on the hitch head , as well. The sway control and mounting hardware are also included.


Here’s our very own, Boyd McMakin doing a great job of thoroughly explaining the Eaz-Lift´s Ready-to-Tow Weight Distribution Kit.


If you ever need to know ANYTHING about RV Parts and Service, call PPL Motorhomes and ask for Boyd, he is one of the most technically knowledgeable RV-men that I know