NOW is the Right Time for an A/C Tuneup


Why is “NOW” the right time to take a look at your RV’s air conditioning? Well, to put it simply, I don’t think it’s a good idea to wait until Summer starts peaking its head around the corner of the pleasantness of Spring.

It’s much easier to do it now, especially since you’ve chosen to read these quick tips. Seriously, a little preparation and maintenance can go a long way in the headache department. The best part is that this RV life hack is easily done for free.

So what are the 3 Most Important Tips to keeping your RV’s Air Conditioner blowing cooler air longer?

  • CLEAN THE FILTERS: These get more dirty than you may think. Remove them from your unit once a month during heavy RV use. Simply wash them gently with warm water and let them air dry. If they are damaged, it’s easy to replace them with a new RV Air Conditioner Filter.
  • CLEAN THE EVAPORATOR COILS: This one is easy. With the filters removed, you should be able to see the evaporator coil. All you need to do here is use the soft bristle of your vacuum cleaner, or even better, compressed air. The idea is to gently remove any dirt, or debris and avoid damage to the coils.
  • CLEAN THE CONDENSER COILS: Safely climb on the top of your RV’s roof. Unscrew the bolts and detach the shroud from your air conditioner unit and set it aside. Spray the coils with Coil Clean. It’s a foaming, no- rinse, no-wipe cleaner. So that means it’s virtually impossible for you to mess it up. The non-acid deep cleaning foam penetrates quickly to remove organic dirt, lint and soil.

The bottom line is that a clean RV air conditioner cools much more efficiently. In order for it to do that, you need to give it the attention it needs. But remember to always think “SAFETY FIRST” when you tackle RV projects on your own. When cleaning your RV air conditioner, please make sure you turn off power to the unit. You’d be amazed by the stories I hear.

See y’all soon!

RV Nana