Nana’s Recipes: Armidale Club Drink


aussiejeff/Flickr Creative Commons

We’ve done a fair bit of recipes here on the blog. A lot of them are Tex Mex or dishes that are pretty specific to Texas and the Southwest. It dawned on me that we haven’t really done too many drink recipes; we did the Margarita one a few months back, but no real mixed drinks recipes, so I thought today we could talk about a couple very simple drink recipes for a nice sip in the evening after a long hot Texas day. A friend of mine does some fairly extensive international traveling, so I asked him what the best drinks he’s come across while out traveling that’ll work on a hot day or a cold one and here’s what he said:

“Best any day drink? How about one from Australia? Tastes awesome on a hot day and super simple to make.

“A few years ago I was in rural New South Wales and it was “hot as,” which is what the Aussies say, and I visited this old-school social club that looked like it was a time capsule from the late 50’s called The Armidale Club. The staff and locals were very welcoming and after a day or two I felt like a regular. During a slow moment on a Friday night, the bar manager asked me to make up a name and she’d invent a drink around it so I said, “Bulgarian Motorboat” and the next thing I knew I was drinking this amazingly awesome warm weather drink! She showed me how to make it so I could have them when I was back home and think of Armidale, Australia. Here’s how you do it:

  • a shot of Honey Bourbon
  • a shot of Butterscotch Schnapps
  • add a dash or two of bitters, and pour over ice
  • garnish with a lemon rind
  • use a splash of water to thin it down if it’s too thick for your taste

“It tasted so good, when I walked through the door there was a Motorboat waiting on the counter about 5 minutes later, and it ended up on the menu!”

Needless to say, drink responsibly. I’ve tried this drink while watching the sunset out at Matagorda and I can sure tell you it’s a great sundowner! Visit us at the website and allow us to help you with any parts or accessories you may need!