If there’s anything that can make the RVer’s life a little easier, I’m all for it! In this case, it’s replacing the vent covers on your RV. If you aren’t a fan of having rain water pour in, or dust, dirt and little critters finding their way into your RV, then you are going to need to check your vent covers routinely! A cracked vent cover can turn into a nightmare if you don’t replace it. Even a small crack can become a giant headache when its structural integrity becomes compromised. Then, adding to your problem, you may not know exactly what vent cover to get.  Does your vent lid on your RV have a right hinge, or left hinge, or which brand you actually have to purchase.  For years I have heard customers (and I have been one of them) fussing about not knowing which vent lid they need to replace the cracked one they are trying to replace.00-335001_unimaxx_01

Well, worry no more, Airxcel is making our life so much easier with the introduction of the UNIMAXX Universal Replacement Kit. You no longer have to guess about what brand you need as a replacement; you don’t even need to know if it is a left, or right hinged lid that needs replacing. All you need is a drill with a 3/16th bit, a Phillips head screwdriver, a Sharpie and an adjustable, or 11/32″ socket wrench. The kit comes complete with the rest of the hardware and detailed installation instructions. This is a repair virtually anyone can do on their own.

Replaces damaged vent lids on ELIXIR, HENGS, JENSEN, VENTLINE and other roof vent Assemblies

  • Universal Lid and Universal Hinge are pre-assembled
  • Includes all Mounting Hardware
  • Durable Impact  and UV Resistant Polypropylene lid
  • Rust Resistant Hardware


And, while you’re up there replacing this “easy to replace” vent lid, you may want to consider adding a Maxxaire vent cover to your RV.  The vent cover is an ideal way to bring the outdoors in and keep the rain out! Oh, Maxxaire, what would we do without you?


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2 thoughts on “Maxxaire Vent Cover The Universal Fit”
  1. Is The Maxxaire an electric or manual vent. I need to replace just the vent covers but, I am thinking about going with the Maxxaire? I have a Keystone Cougar SRX 5th wheel and i just want to make sure this unit will fit, I would need 2 of them depending on the cost.
    Than you

    1. Good question, Brad. MaxxAir vents come in either configuration manual or electric depending on the model selected. All of the MaxxAir models fit a standard 14 x 14 RV roof opening. These units come in 4 or 10 speed with many different features. In order to help you pick the best one for your application and get you the best cost, we will need to discuss these options with you. If you will please call our parts store, we will be happy to go over this information with you. You can call 713-988-5555 ext. 165 and James Gibson will be happy to help you.

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