You’ve had a tremendous RV getaway and now it’s time to head home, unpack and take care of your RV before you store it for a few weeks or months.  We all remember to clean out the pantry and refrigerator, sweep or vacuum the inside and get all the dirty clothes and linens out of the RV, but we also need to remember to clean our holding tanks. waste-water-pump

As your trip winds to an end, your gas tank and wallet are both a little lighter, but your holding tanks are likely full.  Don’t make the mistake some RV owners have made and simply procrastinate thinking you will take care of that tomorrow.  Before you know it, weeks or months go by and the waste in your tanks is baked by the heat and you have a real stinky mess.  It’s important to clean out your holding tank for sanitation purposes and I have found many items in PPL’s RV parts store to do just that.  One item I have heard so many RV owners rave about is the FloJet RV Waste Pump.

The Flojet RV Water Pump and Macerator is the ideal solution for emptying holding tanks on motor homes, travel trailers and fifth wheels and helps you avoid many trips to dump stations. The macerator section grinds waste down to a particle size of 1/8″ maximum so it can easily be pumped through a garden hose (5/8″ minimum) and can empty a typical 30-gallon holding tank in less than 3minutes.  Now, even though we are getting one of these, we will still continue to do the “ice trick” where we dump a full bag of ice in the toilet before we leave camp.  It really does help keep the interior walls of the holding tank clean.


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