Making Our Lives Easier in the Kitchen

When we bought our first RV 15 years ago, I started filling up the cabinets and adding “stuff” to every nook and cranny.  Now, 5 RVs later (I’m a slow learner) I have come to realize that less is more.  I am still always on the lookout for items that store easily, take up little space, and, of course, items that make my life easier.  These are a few items I have added to the fifth wheel and these items have actually helped me eliminate other bulky items I was carrying. After all, we’re all looking to save a little space.

Collapsible Mini Colander

This is so handy because it is a colander that converts to a water tight bowl.  I love multi-purpose products.



Collapsible Storage Containers

What a great idea to have storage containers that are collapsible and easy to store.  These take up so little room and I can serve them and store without having to search endlessly through a mountain of plastic containers. I think we all have that one drawer at home when an endless number of plastic containers and lids. That’s a waste of space in a limited space RV.

Collapsible Produce Keeper

Fresh produce is always the way to go. The bad part is, fresh produce goes bad in a matter of days. This produce keeper might extend the freshness by a few days and it also doubles as a colander. The entire collapsible product line was a great invention…especially for the RVer.


Microwave Bacon Cooker 

First, I have to admit that I hate cooking bacon, or at least if did until this product came along.  No more grease or mess and easy to clean. Dishwasher safe, so I can cook it, eat it, then stick it in the dishwasher. Cooking bacon can be a messy endeavor without the proper tools. You can also reheat pizza and make your own potato chips on this thing. Genius.

What products have you put in your RV’s kitchen to make your life easier?