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Some folks navigate by BBQ joints. Some folks navigate by hamburgers. Some folks navigate by Tex Mex restaurants. Well it’s summer out there people. It’s a hot and humid Texas summer now, so maybe it’s time to navigate based on ice cream shops!

If you’re headed down to the beach in Galveston, you’ve got to hit La King’s Confectionery. It’s located down near the Strand on the corner of Mechanic St and 24th. They’re actually an old fashioned candy maker but they also feature ice cream in their 1920’s style soda fountain. The ice cream they serve is made right on the location and is the oldest ice cream company in Texas!

If you’re headed through Austin, you’ve gotta go to Amy’s. Amy’s is an institution and they now have locations all over town. It’s summertime in Austin though, so expect traffic and long lines. Their ice cream is worth the wait though!

If you’re headed up through Dallas, stop in Denton, TX for an ice cream at Beth Marie’s. The original location is right on the square, and Beth Marie’s is another of those old-school soda fountains. They feature over a hundred different flavors, all made by themselves…and they even sell some of their ice cream at Central Markets in TX. So if you can’t make it to Dallas, swing by a Central Market for a taste.

If you’re coming through Houston, you’ve got to hit the Fat Cat Creamery. They’re located on N Shepherd between 19th and 20th streets in the Heights. They call themselves a small batch ice cream maker and all their ingredients are locally sourced. This place is amazing!

So if just reading this has given you cavities, or spiked your blood sugar, then my work here is done. You’ve probably heard more than one person say, “It’s the journey, not the destination that matters” well…while you’re journeying, stop for an ice cream and that will sure make the destination matter just a little less for a while.

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