How to Make A Family Fun Night a Success While RVing

When you take a family camping, it can be hard to get everyone together for a few hours and spend time with them. Kids will bring their iPads or play on their phones, if there’s a TV in the RV, sometimes we’ll lose a few hours flipping channels. We encourage putting down the electronic devices and spending some quality time with everyone, that’s what RVing is all about. Here’s a few things that crossed my mind on how to make a Family Fun Night a success!

1. Bring board games!

Starting a rousing game of Monopoly or dominoes is a sure fire way to spend some quality time with your family. Be sure to bring a few different games, you want as many people as possible taking part in it. Playing cards are great to keep in the RV, simply because of their versatility. You can play “Go Fish” if your group is younger, or “Spades” if you’re with an older crowd. The possibilities are endless. Here are just some that you can order from PPL Motorhomes!

Travel Board Games                  $14.95
Road Trip Game                        $19.95
Texas Trivia                               $19.95
Rally Ho RV Travel Game           $19.95
Mexican Train Domino Game     $25.95
Dominos to Go                         $9.95

2. Pick a family friendly movie for Movie Night!

You might even consider projecting your movie onto the side of your RV and getting everyone outside to enjoy nature! You can even go as far as implementing a “No Cell Phone” rule during the movie to keep everyone from multitasking (checking Facebook or texting with friends) and into the movie.

3. Explore walking trails!

Most campground and RV sites have walking trails and nature walks within the site. Make it a point to get everyone out for a walk and explore the grounds around you. Give the kids a list of 5 different flowers to find, or see who can spot the most different insects while out for a walk.

What do you guys and gals do for family time on your trips? Find us on Facebook and let us know!